Zelda Breath of the Wild Review


Zelda Breath of the Wild Review

Having been a fan of the Legend of Zelda series for many years, it’s fair to say that I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Breath of the Wild. What’s more, the delay in it’s release only added to the anticipation, and I don’t think I was alone. The worry was, that after of this time, the game might come as a disappointment. After all, very few games have received so much hype and speculation before release. Many people were touting it as ‘the best game of all time’, and having now completed it (well beaten Ganon at least), I am in a position to give my own opinion.

The game breaks with many of the traditions that have been established over the years. For example, when you get hold a weapon, you better not get too attached to it because it’s a fairly safe bet that it’s going to break and you’re going to lose it. And don’t expect to chop down a bit of grass and find a heart or some rupees, because it isn’t going to happen. In order to replenish your heart containers, you’re going to have to turn huntsman and kill a few wild boar, ducks, fish or any other critters that you can get your hands on. Rupees don’t come into the game until you are well into it.

These and other changes may take a while to get used to, but the developments definitely serve to improve the game playing experience. The Legend of Zelda has grown up and the result is a classic game. The landscape is massive. You will spend hours climbing rocks, only to slip down them when the rain starts to pour, and as day turns into night, you feel a genuine sense of being emerged in a different world. As you would expect, the puzzles are ingenious and even locating some of the shines that you must find can been a bewildering task.

Another thing which sets the game apart from it’s predecessors is that there is no set order in which you have to approach it. Once you escape the plateau, the huge world is yours to explore and do as you see fit. At first this can seem a little daunting, although you soon realise that this is the way things should have always been.

Trying to defeat certain enemies without enough strength and special powers is a pointless task, and you soon learn that there are no short cuts and you need to explore as much of the landscape as you can.

zelda screenshot

It has to be said that the game is stunning and certainly didn’t disappoint at all.  The £50 price tag might seem a little expesive, however when you add up all of the hours of pleasure that you will get from playing it, it’s actually great value for money.

Final Verdict 9/10