Star Wars Force Unleashed Review

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Star Wars Force Unleashed Review

LucasArts is back with another game, Star Wars Force Unleashed. This game is a little slow starting, you start as Darth Vader wreaking havoc on a usually peaceful planet in search or destroying one of the Jedi’s that have gone into hiding on the planet. After you make your way through the war and into the final building, you come upon the Jedi and after defeating the Jedi, Darth Vader feels the presence of a much stronger force, this being the Jedi’s Son. After killing his father, Darth Vader defends the small boy and takes him under his with as his apprentice for his evil plans.

This is where you come in, you are the apprentice to Vader, as you go doing his dirty work searching out and destroying all remaining Jedi’s that have gone into hiding throughout the galaxy. This game like many of the previous Star Wars games builds up the storyline very well. You know your missions and you know what you are working for, and you can get into the character.

As you go through each level you learn new moves, special abilities. You also gain points that you can use for three different categories; Force Talents, Force Powers, and Force Combos. You will gain individual points in each category, meaning that you can only use talent points in that specific category. This is a nice add that they had for the game to make you get excited about leveling up, and gaining more XP by killing characters. With the force points you get buy getting new  achievements in the game, and also leveling your character with XP you earn from kills and bonuses throughout the levels.

Force Talents – With these talent points you get to choose from different groups, each group increases a different trait of your character.

1. Fortitude – Increases Max Health
2. Force Focus – Increases Max Force Energy
3. Force Affinity – Increases Force Energy Recovery
4. Vitality – Increases Health Regained From Killing Enemies
5. Resilience – Reduces Damage by enemies
6. Battle Meditation – Reduces Force Power Charge Time
7. Saber Mastery – Increases Damage Done by Lightsaber
8. Defense Master – Increases chances to Reflect Blaster Fire
9. Combo Master – Force Combos take less Force Energy

Force Powers – These points increase you power of your special force abilities.

1. Force Push – Blasts Enemies and objects in from of you, pushing them away
2. Force Grip/Throw – lifts enemies and objects, allowing you to throw them
3. Force Lightning – Lightning that flies at enemies inflicting damage and also stunning them
4. Force Repuse – Sends out a circle shockwave around the player, blasting every within the area

Force Combos – There are tons of different button combos that you can choose from for special attacks, but you must unlock the attack combo before you can use it.

All of the force points give you a great feel for the game, you want to level up to earn more points to be able to more combo’s and have more powers. So, as you go through the game your character continually gets more powerful.

The game all around is good, it doesn’t have the greatest graphics, but the storyline makes up for the graphics, one complaint is that you may feel like you are just mashing buttons, but if you know what you are doing there is a strategic play to the game, but younger players will get into button smashing.

Overall rating: 4.0

– Graphics – 3.5 – The Graphics are not stunning but not the worst, somewhere in the middle of the road.
– Playability – 4.0 – The game is very playable, but it can be a “button-masher” game at some points.
– Difficulty – 4.0 – About average difficulty, beginner gamers should be able to complete the game, with a fair amount of difficulty, but they could complete the game.
– Game Life – 4.0 The first play through will take you a couple afternoons, it would be tough to beat the game in one day, but after that you may not put it back in again.
– Story Line – 4.5 – The storyline is great, if you follow Star Wars you should find it very interesting.