Review: Mario Kart with Wii Wheel


Review: Mario Kart with Wii Wheel

The Mario Kart series has come a long way.  The first version of this game appeared in 1992 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).  The most recent version, released in 2008 for the Wii, can really be said to be the best of the bunch, and not just because it is the newest.

The game comes with one Wii wheel, which makes the game much more fun and gives you great control.  I’m not sure I would go so far as some have and say it really feels like driving when using the wheel, but it does make the game more fun.  I would recommend getting at least one more wheel when you get this game though, or else you are going to end up arguing with your friend(s) over who gets to use it.

You can race up to 4 players, so you and your friends can have lots of fun all at once.  And when you get to the point where none of tnem can beat you :~) you can take advantage of one of this games best features which is that you can play it online, so you can race against people all over the world.

One thing to watch out for – if you are a die-hard gamer, you may find this game to be quite easy.  However, most people will find it challenging, especially with the various options for competition.   Also, for those who are looking for every edge – you don’t need the wheel to play, and there are some things you can do with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers that you can’t do with the wheel.

The graphics flow smoothly throughout the game, and generally speaking the camera angles are good.  Also, there are lots of new powerups, tracks, unlockables and other fun stuff.

This game keeps the charm that is present in the entire Mario franchise.  It is fun to play and good for competing with friends and online competitors.  Overall a good choice – definitely recommended!