Another season of one of the most anticipated games is released once again!!! For those who have been fans of the EA Sports NCAA Football you will not be disappointed with this season of NCAA Football, but those of you who buy the game once every few years may not see enough of a difference from last year to deem it worthy of buying.

Overall the game is the same similar platform, the controls feel the same, some of the great  adds that they did make came with the visuals and player juke and tackle movements. EA sports changed the hit still a little bit, they made it more difficult to smash the runner, but if you do connect it can also be more rewarding.

They added a quick recruiting method from last year, making recruiting much quicker and still allowing you to pick the topics for each week. One thing they did change is the inconsistency player quality by Star Ratings, dont always believe the 1,2,3,4,5 star ratings. You can get a 2  Star Recruit and have him be a 73-75 overall, but get a 4 Star Recruit and have him be a 63-65 overall. This makes you do a little bit more of your homework. Which is a nice realistic touch to recruiting.

The Team Builder mode is the same as last season, you have to create an EA Sports ID and create a team there and import it to your xbox. The great thing they did keep is that you can still import your own decals, allowing you to create your exact team from High School, College or even a PeeWee league.

The Road to Glory has all the same looks as last year and the same game play, but they did add a Road To Glory story by Erin Andrews. She will interview Kirk to get some added comments on your performance, and she will comment on your performance as well, it is a little touch but doesn’t add much to the overall game, after listening to the first one or two you will most likely just skip thru the commentary.

The Online Dynasty mode is very similar to previous years, the one thing that is a major disappointment is the lag in being able to advance the week during quick parts of the season. The EA servers sometimes cause you to wait 20 min between advancing weeks. So if all players have a bye week and take 5 min to recruit you may still have to wait 20 min for the EA server to allow you to advance the week.

Overall Rating – 4.5

– Graphics – 5 – graphically the best NCAA Football released so far
– Playability – 5 – The game play hasn’t changed much since last year, very similar game play and controls
– Difficulty – 5 – If you crank this game up to Heisman this game can be very difficult, but if you leave it on the normal setting, it is good even for beginners.
– Game Life – 4 – This will strongly depend on how dedicated you are to NCAA Football, there are plenty of NCAA Fans that will play this game until NCAA Football ’12 is released. The Online Dynasty will keep you coming back if you get a group of people together.
– Story Line – 3 – The Road to Glory hasn’t changed enough to be something to keep people continually interested, but the Dynasty mode is always great.