Another addition of Midnight Club, for those of you who dont know… Midnight club is one of the games who started to bring the underground street Racing scene into your living room, and Midnight Club Los Angeles is another one of those games.

As you could probably guess, Midnight Club Los Angeles takes place in different parts of the city of Los Angeles. The game starts off as you being a new racer from out east trying to prove yourself. Someone hooks you up with a cheap beginner ride to try to work your way up the ranks. As you race more people you build up your reputation and you get invited to race hang outs where you can join the nightly race or you meet more people to race in free cruise mode.

There are a few different types or race modes in this game.

Check Point – you have check points ever mile or so and you race to each one first person to reach the finish line wins

Point to Point Race – You Start at the starting line and race to the finish line

Time Trial – You race in a designated car and try to post the best time

Delivery – You deliver a car from point A to point B within the designated time, and without damaging the vehicle too much

Pink Slips Race – You race heads up in a check point race, and winner takes the car

This game keeps you interested as you go through the story line, the story line doesnt get too in depth, it is a typical racing game where you are trying to build up your reputation to race more people to become the best of the best on the streets.

One of the best aspect of the game is the fact that you can race for pink slips, literally if you lose you will give up your car and you will have to go back to the garage to pick up a different car and try to win yours back. Be careful because you could lose everything.

All around this is a great game, it will keep you entertained for several hours, if you are a racer and enjoy this kind of game I would recommend picking up a racing steering wheel it really adds to the experience. You will feel like you have your very own arcade game in your living room if you set it up right.

Overall – 4.0

Graphics – 4.5 – Great graphics not many defects with shading or coloring
Playability – 4.0 – Controls are set up well, and easy to handle
Difficulty – 4.0 – You can turn up the difficulty if you want or leave it on normal mode for a challenging beginner setting
Game Life – 4.0 – It will take you a while to build up your rep, and be able to unlock all the vehicles, and races.
Story Line – 3.5 – Not much of a story line, it will keep you wanting to play with the type of game not with the story line. You will want to build your rep or meet new racers to uncover more races, not to simply get deeper in the story line…