Halo Reach Review


Halo Reach Review

One of the largest video game titles has once again released another game, that game is Halo Reach. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people that tried the Halo Reach multiplayer beta then you probably have some experience with the game already, if not then we will give you a full overview on this complete review of Halo Reach.

In the campaign mode you start off as a nameless new recruit Noble 6 of the Noble Team. The Noble Team is a team of Spartans. Halo Reach does a great job building up the story line and getting the playing engulfed in the game. The first 5 min of the game is basically setting up the story and building the plot up, the slow start may get you to think the game is going to be a bit on the boring side but one you first make contact with the Covenant  then the game has a great pace from there.

The first time you play thru Halo Reach it will take the average player about 9-10 hours of play time to complete  the campaign. This is pretty good for a game of this type, some of the other Halo’s if you where a pretty good gamer you could complete in 5-6 hours, so this one plays out the storyline a little bit more and has a great deal of action along the way.

You will have a fair amount of new “toys” to play with, and by Toys I mean guns, armor, and vehicles, all the great toys that Halo fans love.  One of the biggest changes was with the Battle Riffle, they changed that weapon to the DMR Designated Marksman Riffle. You will no longer have the triple shot of the BR, it will be a high powered semi-automatic Riffle.

You will get a chance to use all these weapons in Halo Reach campaign, and some but not all in the multiplayer mode. Another big change from any other Halo is the addition to Armor Abilities, they added 7 different abilities that you can pick up, these range from active camo to a high powered jetpack.

Halo Reach Vehicles have also been changed, you no longer will run by a forklift of other cart and wish…. It would be cool if I could hop in that and drive up to my next check point, because in Halo Reach you can jump in that car and drive as much as you would like… or until a Grunt Sticks you and sends you flying.

Multiplayer has not changed to much in the actual game play except for the addition of the Armor abilities, and weaponry changes. The big change to the multiplayer is coming in the ranking system, you are no longer being ranked 1-50. It has now been changed to a arena ranking system, you will be given a rank based on your top three games of the day, and this will go off of your stats, not just if you win or loss as in previous Halo’s. No more having a buddy ride up with you in the rankings being negative 10 in the kill death ratio every game. It is an interesting change and we will see how it works over the next few months.

For the Halo fans that have been playing Halo since the original release of Halo will be excited to know that they brought back some of the previous Halo maps, and I am sure there will be plenty of expansion maps to come, probably bringing even more back.

Firefight is back once again, team up with up to 4 total players and take on the Covenant forces. This is a great way to have a challenge between friends to see who can do better, you can hang out with friends and never even need to make in online to have a great time.

Over all this game is great, one of the best all around Halo games released.

Overall – 5 Stars
Graphics – 5 Stars – Graphically the best halo to date
Playability – 5 Stars – They did reformat the button layout, but they changed it for the good, you no longer have to take your finger off the directional button to beat down.
Difficulty – 5 Stars – this game has several different difficulty levels, so a beginner can play or an seasoned Halo vet can crank up the difficulty and play
Game Life – 5 Stars – 9-10 hours campaign time, and as always Halo does a great job with online, and firefight that you can really play this game for a long time.
Story  Line – 5 Stars – Bungie and Microsoft have put a fair amount of time into developing the story for this game and it shows, you get into the game and want to keep playing.