Boarderlands Review


Boarderlands Review

Another great game by 2K Games…

To start the game you are going to have to choose your character, one of four characters. Each character has his own role, so if you are going to be playing as a group you might want to select different characters.

Character list

Roland – Soldier for the former Crimson Lance Mercenary, his special ability is a Scorpio Turret, this will attack everything in front of it also shielding the characters behind it at the same time.

Lilith – Siren Phasewalker she can fight with invisibility and with great speed, she is most efficient when using shock or corrosive weapons.

Mordecai – He is a hunter with a special weapon being his bird (Bloodwing) he is a sniper rifle specialist, with a revolver on his side arm works best for him.

Brick – He is a Berserker, he best feature is his fists, using his special ability causes him to go into a berserking mode  where he cant be killed and he beats everything into a pulp with his firsts.

Once you pick your character you will then get dropped off in the Borderlands and you will meet a little mechanical rolling computer call a Claptrap. He will take you thru the begging training and teach you how to use the controls and set your colors of your character.

Then you will start working your way thru the story line, while you play the game your character will gain XP for killing enemies and completing missions. With each level you will gain a talent point that you can put into building your character up.

Each time you kill someone they have a chance of dropping weapons, armor, or ammo so never forget to loot people after you kill them. You will also be able to find new weapons in weapon cases around the maps. Each weapon and shield has a level that you must be before you can use it. This is where the exciting part of the game comes in. Not only are you trying to complete the story line and trying to find out what happens next with the story but you are trying to level to the next level to build your talent tree and find new weapons to use.

If you beat the game and haven’t level all the way up dont worry you can play thru the storyline multiple times, and each time the enemies get harder and you will get better weapons as well. There is already multiple expansions for this game, and more are on the way.

Overall – 4.3
Difficulty – 4 – The game is of average difficulty, nothing too hard that a beginner couldnt do, but not recommended for young kids because of the graphic nature of the gamee
Graphics – 4.0 – Good graphics all around, but it looks a little cartoony
Playability – 5 – The game controls are laid out very well, very similar to most shooter games
Game Life – 4.5 – What the story line lacks is picked up by the idea of leveling and getting stronger weapons
Story Line – 3.5 –  Sometimes you will get caught up in leveling and you will totally forget about the lack luster storyline